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DreamBook 7

Technical Support

Thank you for purchasing the Pioneer Dreambook 7

Most of your Technical Support issues can be solved simply by reading the Frequently Asked Questions list, and by updating your DreamBook with the Android 1.9 Software Update. If you need further assistance with your DreamBook please contact the following hotline for Technical Support.

Hotline 1300 88 32 18

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I turn my Dreambook on?

Press and hold the Power button on the left hand side of the unit for about 3 seconds until you hear and feel the unit Buzz. Android will then start.

2) The unit gets hot while charging or using WIFI

The unit does get warm to hot during operation on WiFi depending on signal strength. During the initial charging of the Dreambook 7 the unit will also get warm to hot and while charging if the battery is completely drained.

3) It says that 3G is supported, what providers work?

Pocket WIFI 3G modems are supported and recommended for connecting to 3G services.

4) If YouTube is not working, how can it be updated?

From time to time YouTube changes the software used. An Android 1.9 software patch can be downloaded from our web site.

Click here for the Android 1.9 Software Update

5) I canít log in using the Facebook App.

Facebook have recently changed the coding for their application. You can still access Facebook via the web address. An Android 1.9 software update patch can be downloaded from our web site.

Click here for the Android 1.9 Software Update

6) My Dreambook 7 wonít play my MP4 videoís?

Many of your Videos may be in High Definition format and need to be reduced to normal resolution before they will play. Here is the best solution. Try the video compression utility Handbrake, use the mp4 (ffmpeg) video settings of 400x240 @ 300kbit / 15fps aac audio @ 160kbits. You can probably step it up to 24 fps if you want smoothness.

7) I tried to open a web page and itís saying the security certificate is invalid or unable to access some web pages.

Make sure that the time and date are set correctly. To change the time and date go to settings, then Date & Time.

8) My Screen is scratched and marked.

Your Dreambook comes with a thin screen protector, please make sure the protective sheeting has been removed.

9) My System seems slower than my PC or Laptop.

Your Dreambook comes with a 533mhz Processor, the same as most phones and the performance is roughly the same.

10) Some of my Apps will not work.

Some Apps require a Micro SD Card to be installed before they will work.

11) I cannot find the keyboard.

The keyboard will activate when you touch any empty input field and will have either a Search or an Enter function depending on the need.

12) My Micro SD Card unmountís when my unit hibernates.

This is a power saving feature, it is automatically remounted when you wake up the system.

13) Can the Dreambook 7 be upgraded to Android 2.2?

There is no official release or support for the Dreambook 7 to run these versions. However Pioneer Computers has made available our own Android Release 1.9 upgraded software package with all the latest patches.

Click here for the Android 1.9 Software Update

14) My WIFI keeps disconnecting

To increase wireless connectivity time, adjust the screen time out setting under Settings, Sound & Display, Screen Timeout.

An Android 1.9 software update patch can be downloaded from our web site for better WIFI setting.

Click here for the Android 1.9 Software Update

15) There is blank screen without Pioneer Computers logo on boot up after I upgrade to Android 1.9

Please reload Android 1.9 and logo will show up.

Pioneer Computers is sure you will enjoy your Dreambook 7 experience and are happy to support you.

The Pioneer Computers team.

SlideMe will need a manual update if automatic updating fails.

On the DreamBook 7 enter the following into the web browser with a micro SD car installed:

It will download, then you click on the download once completed and it will install.

Android 1.9 Software Update

New features:

  • Android Release 1.9 plus eBook edition with 5 DRM eBook app's including Aldiko, Amazon Kindle, Angus, Boders, Kobo, all ready for use
  • Easy and simple user interface for mums and dads
  • Double the WiFi range
  • Android Market fix
  • YouTube fix
  • Facebook fix
  • Much Better Performance

Thank you for purchasing the Pioneer Dreambook 7 from Pioneer Computers Australia featuring Google Android.

At Pioneer Computers we are constantly working to update and improve all our products.

Updates for the Dreambook 7 will be periodically released to address stability and performance issues from time to time. Currently All our DreamBook 7 shipped before August 2012 are Running software version 1.8.2 or 2.1 however a new software version, 1.9 is available.

To update your computer Please download the latest update by clicking on this Link: On a Windows Computer or notebook And selecting save.

Alternative download links:


Once the download has completed select the run option.

A winrar Self extraction Window Will Open, As Shown Below

Click the Browse button to navigate to your Micro SD Card, in the example we have selected "I:\" which is our Micro SD Card. Once you have selected your drive enter “script” as the directory, as shown in the example, and then click Extract.

You will be prompted for a password Please enter 1234 and click OK.

Once the Extraction is complete confirm the process has completed properly by opening the Script folder on your Micro SD Card, it should look like this:

Once this is confirmed, remove the Micro SD Card from your computer or notebook and insert it in your Dreambook 7. While OFF, and boot the Dreambook. The machine will go through its update process, on the screen, and when finished you will be prompted to remove the Micro SD Card.

Important: Delete the script folder after updating, or it will update on every boot!


  • Android Market Fix
  • YouTube fix
  • Facebook fix
  • Much Better Performance

Many application fixes can be resolved by logging into the app market and updating the relevant software.

For more information regarding operation or issues reply to this email: or call us on 1300 882 218.

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