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AI Robotics
Pioneer Drone Defence System Introduction New!
Key Features:
• Electronic fence to stop drones
• No impact on other devices
• Creates a ‘roof’ over facility
• Defeats drone swarms
• Disrupts command and navigation frequencies
• Scalable, to cover any size site
$0 RRP (Inc-GST)
DreamBook Tablets
DreamBook B97 4.0 Tablet ex-demo
9.7" Android 4.0 Tablet with up to 1.5G CPU and Multi-touch Capacitive Screen
From $99 RRP (Inc-GST)
Build your own
DreamBook Laptops
DreamBook Power 9070 SLI
The best value SLI performance 18.4" notebook
From $879 RRP (Inc-GST)
Build your own
DreamVision Access Control/Time Attendance
DreamVision Vandalproof IR Camera D-LIRDSF
Best Valve Color, Vandalproof and IR Day/Night Camera  
$68 RRP (Inc-GST)
SPY WATCH - DreamVision Spy Watch DVR Camera (Camcorder) New!
Amazing SPY Mini Camcorder  
$168 RRP (Inc-GST)
DreamVision SPY PEN - Mini Pen DVR Camera (Camcorder) New!
Amazing SPY Mini Camcorder  
$168 RRP (Inc-GST)
DreamVision Big Screen
DreamVision Pocket Pen Interactive Whiteboard New!
The World's Smallest Pocket IWB  
$785 RRP (Inc-GST)
DreamVision Portable Pocket Projector: PD-S690 New!
The World's smallest Pocket Projector with battery and SD card reader, Great for Notebook, camera, Camcorder, MP4 Player. only 0.5kg. Back in stock now  
$1,055 RRP (Inc-GST)
DreamVision Interactive Whiteboard 148" New!
A combination of electronic, software and Internet technologies  
$4,230 RRP (Inc-GST)