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Mitsubishi HC3000 Home Cinema Projectors.

$2,357 RRP (Inc-GST)


Product Information

Mitsubishi Electric is proud to introduce a home theater projector that will astound any cinematic connoisseur - the HC3000 DLP™ projector with BrilliantColor™ technology.
It has all the quality features you'd expect from a Mitsubishi projector, such as a long lamp life, low fan noise, high contrast and portability - but it's also setting new standards with innovative technology.
At the heart of the HC3000 is Texas Instruments' state-of-the-art TI DarkChip2™ with the DDP3020 chip featuring BrilliantColor™. BrilliantColor™ is a new, cutting-edge technology that enables higher brightness, by boosting the midtone colour levels, while providing truer, more vibrant colours for realistic and lifelike images. Just turn it on and you will see, the HC3000 takes your home entertainment experience to all new levels.