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DreamVision All-in-One PC J21

DreamBook 2-in-1 Rugged Tablet R11

DreamMicro SOHO Foundation Server

DreamVision Mini PC 1060GTX

DreamVision Mini PC Q170 vPro

DreamVision Mini PC Q400

DreamVision Mini PC Q200

DreamVision Fanless Mini PC Q7000

DreamVision Fanless Mini PC Q300

DreamRobot Lawn Mower

DreamBook Power P95 VR

DreamDrone Pocket Sized & Foldable

DreamBook 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet Ap1

DreamCare GPS Pet Tracker 3G/4G




Pioneer Computers (Dream Industrial) awarded NSW Government contract 999.

Pioneer Computers Virtual Reality Ready Laptop on Dailytelegraph

DreamRobot Lawn Mower on 2GB John and Garry Talking Lifestyle Show

DreamRobot Lawn Mower on IT Wire

Pioneer Computers launches Dreamrobot Robotic Lawn Mower

Pioneer Computers joins Australia Week in China 2016

Pioneer Computers awarded Local Government Procurement contract LGP115 IT&C Products & Services

Aussie PC maker Pioneer Computers mounts China charge with IoT - CRN March 2016

Launch of web site

Pioneer Computers at the China Hi Tech Fair 2015


Reviews & Awards


Pioneer Computers DreamVision 32" Gamining PC 7X - PC & Tech Authority July 2017

Pioneer Computers DreamVision 32-inch AIO Gaming PC 7X - APC Magazine April 2017

DreamVision 32in Curved All In One VR PC X32 - PC AND Tech Authority April 2017

DreamBook W94HW - TechLife Feb 2015

DreamBook W94 - TechLife Feb 2015

Pioneer Computers DreamBook Power P17HW - PC Authority Sept 2013

DreamBook Won IF Product Design Award 2013

Pioneer Computers DreamBook Ultra Power W11 - TechLife October 2012

Pioneer Computers DreamBook W15 TechLife October 2012

APC Editor Choice--DreamBook UltraSlim U14, June 2012