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Key Information

Pioneer Computers is an approved supplier to all levels of government - Federal, State and Local.

Pioneer Computers has a proven track record supplying IT solutions to a wide range of government departments, nationally, over many years. Some of these customers include, Department of Defence, The NSW Education Department, The NSW Police Force, The University of NSW, NSW TAFE and more...


  • ISO9001 Quality Endorsed Supplier
  • Commonwealth Government Endorsed Supplier
  • ITS2000 NSW Government Supplier of Computer Systems and Service
  • LGP 306 NSW Local Government Panel Contract
  • ITS2006 NSW Government Supplier of Computer Peripherals
  • ITS2308 NSW Government Agent for Brother International
  • Queensland Government Approved Supplier
  • CITEC Registered Supplier


Pioneer Computers can supply a full range of “build to order” notebooks. Screen sizes range from 7” up to 20” Widescreen, with a choice of shared or dedicated video architecture. Both Intel and AMD powered notebooks can be supplied.

Pioneer Computers can also supply a full range of “build to order” Servers, PC’s and Workstations, built from the best and latest components available on the market. Our design and production facilities are fully compliant with “best practise” and our staff are dedicated to producing and maintaining the most cost effective systems for your industry. Pioneer Computers allows you and your staff to concentrate on your Core Business, we concentrate on your IT needs.

Pioneer Computers can also provide a complete range of peripherals and software, including a new range of LCD/Monitor TV’s and Digital TV Tuners.


Pioneer’s pricing for Government Departments is extremely competitive as we place great emphasis on consolidating and increasing our existing Government business.

Goverment Sales Team

Our Government Sales Team is fully trained and will provide exceptional service. Please direct all inquiries for government and education purchases to:

Phone 1300 88 32 18
Fax (02) 9690 0300