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DreamBook D10

Pioneer DreamBook D10 Update

Thank you for purchasing the Pioneer Dreambook D10 from Pioneer Computers Australia featuring Google Android. Due to recent changes in Google’s access policy’s, you may experience difficulties when updating or downloading programs using Google play with firmware build no. ver 1.20, to resolve this issue please apply the latest Firmware build no. ver 1.55 update as described below.

Before starting, make sure the tablet is connected to a computer with a Micro SD card inserted and fully charged.

To Begin Please download the update from one of the following Mirrors on Computer:



Click Save to start the download. Make sure to save the file somewhere you can find it, usually on the desktop.

Please note, Norton will often block this file as it contains executable files, it is not harmful in anyway, please see here to restore the file Norton fix

Once the download has finished select ‘run’.

Note: Windows may produce warning or request administrative privileges at this point, please choose ‘allow’ to continue. Once the file is open please click browse and select your memory card then click extract.

Once extracted, please power off your tablet by either holding the power button for ten seconds, or holding the power button for 5 seconds and choosing power off.

Leave the Micro SD card inserted in the tablet, power on and update. Upon completion the unit will request you remove the SD card, once removed the unit will power off.

Important: Delete the Update Files after updating, or it will update on every boot!

For more information regarding operation or issues reply to this email: or call us on 1300 882 218.

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